Spring Wine Charms

Spring Wine Charms

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Do you love entertaining, but hate pouring out wasted drinks after the party? Eliminate left behind, wasted glasses of wine with our Spring Wine Charms.

These durable, stretchy charms simply wind around the stems of most wine glasses, adding some vibrant flair while making them easy to identify at a glance.

Your guests will love the individualized looks of their wine glasses and they won’t be worried or embarrassed by lost or misplaced drinks. You could say it’s a wine win situation.

Each pack of Spring Wine Charms comes with a set of six colorful charms.


There are tons of wine charms out there, but we thought this was just a cool way to mark your drink without having something hanging off of your glass or stem. The Spring Wine Charms just wrap around the stem, dressing them up while helping you out.


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