Social Facebook Shower Curtain

Social Facebook Shower Curtain

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Are you one of those people that checks Facebook 100 times a day or creates profile pages for your twin Dalmatians, Polka and Dot? Does the thought of missing a harvest on Farmville get you all anxious and nervous inside? Maybe you need the Social Facebook Shower Curtain.

This stylish shower curtain looks like a newsfeed on the popular social media monster Facebook and even has a designated clear square for your head shot. Smile pretty! It’s the most fun you’ll have since beating level 37 on Candy Crush. You’ll get plenty of likes with this fun and attractive shower curtain.

A touch of fun for your bathroom

The Social Shower Curtain keeps water in your tub while adding some light-hearted techy flair to your bathroom. Groggy and grumpy in the morning? Good luck keeping that frown when you step into a steamy shower that begs for some goofy smiles and shampoo mohawks. Start the day off social and you’re sure to be wired for fun.


Specs, features and bragging rights

- Transparent section so you can create a profile

- Water resistant

- Measures 70 X 70-inch

- Makes a great gift for teens, college students, and social media lovers of all ages



Will the Social Shower Curtain’s Newsfeed ever update?

Well, um, no. BUT, you can change the profile picture in real time!

Are there any built in privacy features or will my nethers be all over the net before I towel off?

The profile picture area is clear so you can strike a pose whenever you see fit, but the rest of the curtain is white to cover the bits and pieces. If you’re worried about hackers grabbing “private” pics, we recommend using external controls, namely the lock on your bathroom door.

Do I have to be tech savvy to use the Social Shower Curtain?

Now, see, that’s the beauty part. If you can hang a shower curtain and slide it back and forth on a tension rod, you’re golden. Nobody will ever have to know you have no idea how to work an actual computer.

Why We Love It

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