Smell My Finger Hand Sanitizer

Smell My Finger Hand Sanitizer

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Smell My Finger Hand Sanitizer

You’re walking through the mall when suddenly someone you know pats you on the back and shakes your hand fervently. He walks away, and you stand around puzzled -- then you smell it. Poo! He gave you the stink finger, and now you’re tainted. Your only hope is Smell My Finger Sanitizer. You bring your fingers to your nose and are almost knocked back by the smell. Plus, everyone has now seen you smell your finger. The damage is done. Squirt a little on your hands and move on with your life the best you can.

Stinky Poo Hand

Stinky Poo Hand. Is that what all the children call you? It’s not your fault. It itched, what else were you supposed to do? You dig for gold and come up smelling nothing like roses. You can either spend your hours reeking of crack sweat and shame or take control of your life with Smell My Finger Hand Sanitizer.

Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- Hilarious gift for “that guy” with a serious need to share funky odors

- Contains 2 ounces of butt bacteria-fighting hand sanitizer

- Made in the USA

Who Would Love Smell My Finger Hand Sanitizer?

You know who these people are. They dig and root around in their pants or bellybuttons like Knights of the Round Table searching for the Holy Grail. All they ever find is a little lint and whole lot of funk. They’ll love Smell My Finger Sanitizer, because odds are they say it to someone at least twice a day.

Frequently Asked Questions

I always seem to find something interesting when I dig, is that normal?

If you find something of note every time you dig, you probably need to reevaluate some life choices. Smell My Finger Hand Sanitizer will help to a degree, but, dude, your body shouldn’t hide things that surprise you on a regular basis.

Does it really get rid of the smell?

If you’ve been exposed to extreme butt hand, then this could save your social life. One squirt, and you’re smelling like roses and not ass tulips. It will get rid of unfortunate odors and butt germs at the same time. Whether you’re the digger or an innocent bystander exposed to deadly finger funk, this is your first line of defense.

Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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