Skeeter The Redneck Garden Gnome

Skeeter The Redneck Garden Gnome

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Skeeter the Redneck Garden Gnome is perfect for anyone who has a garden that features more than one spare tire and possibly a car or two on blocks. Anyone who can identify a little too well with redneck jokes will love this hilarious little fella. His barely toothy grin and camouflage hat are sure to put a smile on your face.

Skeeter the Redneck Garden Gnome exemplifies the inner redneck in us all, so let him adorn your garden with hillbilly pride.

A Little Hillbilly

The Redneck Garden Gnome would look great next to that abandoned car in the front yard. You know, the one on blocks with some planters in the open hood. If you’re proud of your hillbilly heritage, than this little guy will be the best present you’ll ever get…next to the possum skinner.


Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- Skeeter will dress up your garden with hillbilly style

- Puts the downhome in your daffodils

- May be missing teeth, but still has an inviting smile


Who Would Love Redneck Garden Gnome?

Let’s just say, this guy isn’t for the sophisticated banker that takes ski trips to Colorado every year. If your idea of a good time is some mini-golf and frog-gigging, then you’ll probably love the Redneck Garden Gnome. Don’t have a garden? Don’t worry, just put him next to your hubcap collection.


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I related to the Redneck Garden Gnome?

He may look like kin folk, but unless you’ve got some resin in your family tree, you’re probably okay.


Will the neighbors complain?

If they aren’t known for their senses of humor, then they might not enjoy the look of a toothless gnome holding a dead rabbit. Don’t pay them no mind. Some folks just weren’t raised right.

Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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