Sigmund Freud Action Figure

Sigmund Freud Action Figure

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He’s been called the father of modern psychology, but you can call him your buddy with the Sigmund Freud Action Figure.

When you’re having one of those mommy issue days, sit back and tell this silent listener all about it. He won’t be able to diagnose you, but at least you can pose him in all kinds of weird positions for your own amusement.

Plus, with our Sigmund Freud Action Figure you can finally see how he’d fair in plastic hand to hand combat with your G.I. Joe and Star Wars action figures. Something tells me Sigmund would have a lot to say to Cobra Commander.

Psychoanalyze with a Kung-Fu Grip


You don’t have to have issues with your mother to enjoy the Sigmund Freud Action Figure. The fully articulate figure looks just like the famous psychologist, along with his trademark cigar. The only thing missing is a couch and deep-seated Oedipus complex. Who knows? You might make a break through with a little action figure therapy…no, they’re not dolls.


Specs, Features and Bragging Rights


- Comes in illustrated window box

- Figure stands approximately 5" tall

- Made from hard vinyl

- Pensive stare makes you feel as though your every word is being analyzed

- Freud holds a cigar in one hand and judgments about your familial relationships in the other

- Hilarious gift for psych students

- Recommended for ages 12 and up


Who Would Love the Sigmund Freud Action Figure?


Do you know any momma’s boys out there who still cry for mommy at the slightest hint of conflict or pain? For every Norman Bates in your life, grab the action figure and send him a hint that it’s time to cut the umbilical cord. He’ll thank you for it later…we think.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get real advice from him?


No, holding him up and talking in an Austrian accent isn’t going to get to the root of your problems. In fact, it’s probably hinting at a completely new problem. You’re best bet is to actually see a therapist. He may not be as famous as Sigmund Freud, but we triple guarantee he is a whole lot less dead.


I don’t like smoking, can I get it without the cigar?


Sorry, Sigmund was known just as much for that cigar as his years spent examining the workings of the twisted human mind. The good news is that the cigar doesn’t actually burn or create ash and smoke, so you can be confident in your dislike for smoking without feeling like a hypocrite. 

Why We Love It

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