Shock Gum Prank

Shock Gum Prank

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Train your friends to stop mooching in true Pavlovian style. Grabbing a pack of gum from your pocket is like taking a trip through Sherwood Forest wearing green tights - everyone lines up and simply waits for a free handout. Put an end to unwanted beggary by offering shocking gum in place of the real thing. This actual-sized pack of shock gum carries similar labels to some of today's most popular brands. That's why your friends won't even notice there is something amiss as they pull out a piece of the offered pack. Their innocence won't last long, however, since pulling the fake treat to a certain point sends a jolt of electricity right into their cheap, gum-stealing fingers. This is one gag that will keep others away from your goods and inside the dark recesses of their own minds, as they try to come with a way to pay you back for their pain and embarrassment.

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  • Casey . Jan 15, 2011
    I have seen many of this type of shock gum but none like these. The wrapping resemble all of \"Wringlys\" gum products, that makes this prank so much better. I have gotten so many people, it just gets funnier and funnier every time.
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