The Shock Flashlight

The Shock Flashlight

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Most people who turn on a flashlight expect all the electricity to form a solid beam of light helpful for seeing in the dark and causing woodland creatures to stop in their tracks. Have a little fun turning this viewpoint around by pulling out your shock flashlight prank.This clever design will make your unsuspecting victims scratch their heads in wonder (assuming they aren't already jumping around and crying like little babies). Each shocking flashlight is fully functional, with a solid beam of light you can shine to prove that this time, you can swear it isn't one of those shocking pranks." With two separate buttons - one for light and one for electric shock - you'll be able to prove your innocence one second, and hand off the prank for electric fun in the next.The jolt of electricity provides just enough juice to startle and stun your prey without causing them any real harm. A realistic shocking flashlight is a great way to keep the energy flowing at your next outdoor camping event or slumber party.

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