Shock Computer Mouse Prank

Shock Computer Mouse Prank

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We spend hours a day holding onto our mouses without ever thinking that it had electricity running through it. Get back at your boss or that annoying secretary with the Shock Computer Mouse Prank. When they go to click, it sends a surprising, but harmless electrical shock, giving them a jolt and you a laugh.After they click the Shock Computer Mouse Prank, their shriek will be your victory yell when the trick goes off according to plan. It's the kind of prank that will go down in office history, and you'll be known as the most shocking prankster of all time.

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  • Mila . Oct 22, 2011
    I had to buy this because of my kids. They like to jump on the computer when Im not home even though its forbidden. Now I can replace the mouse with this one and teach them all a safe lesson.
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