Security Camera Birdhouse

Security Camera Birdhouse

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Not everyone can afford those fancy high security systems with the camera and sirens, but you can get the next best thing and give your birdies a nice home at the same time. The Security Camera Birdhouse looks like a standard camera, but it’s actually a fully functioning birdhouse.

The crooks may be fooled, but the birds will know your little ruse. They’ll be surrounding the house trying to get in because it’s the hottest ticket in the backyard. This birdhouse may be for the birds, but it’s definitely not “for the birds.” It’s finely crafted and can hang almost anywhere.


Smile for the Birdie

Everyone wants a little more security, but that a state-of-the-art system just isn’t in the cards. The Security Camera Birdhouse looks enough like a professional camera to give burglars some doubt, but it also makes a great home for your favorite feathered friends. They’ll love the security of a sturdy home and you can giggle knowing that people think it’s the real deal…until they see the birds coming and going from it anyway.


Specs and Stuff

- Realistic looking gray Security Camera Birdhouse

- Ready to hang

- Made of resin

- Weatherproof

- Measures 8 x 3.5 x 5 inches


Who Would Love The Security Camera Birdhouse?

If you love all the neighborhood birds bringing a dazzling splash of color to your backyard, then the Security Camera Birdhouse is for you. The birds will flock to the house and your yard will be the happening place for all of bird-kind. Robins, cardinals and finches will perch and make themselves at home.


Frequently Asked Question

Will it take lewd a lascivious pictures of the birds? I hear they take lots of baths…naked.

Don’t worry, the Security Camera Birdhouse doesn’t actually take pictures, so the decency of your birds are safe. We cannot guarantee the birds won’t simply cavort around naked, seeing as they don’t wear clothes anyway. You can try leaving some out for them, but they’ll probably just poop on it.

Will the birds know it’s a birdhouse?

Yes, if you stock it with some food and let it be, then they’ll sniff it out and soon be calling it home. They’ll bring in their futon and Xbox and live off your hospitality all through the year. They’re like college students home for summer break, only they’re actually more hygienic.

Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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