Red Cup Strand of Lights

Red Cup Strand of Lights

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You’re not going to find that telltale red cup at a high class shindig where champagne flows from fountains and everyone’s wearing a tux. A red cup party has a certain atmosphere and attitude that you’ll get absolutely nowhere else. As far as decorations go, you can’t go wrong with the Red Cup Party Lights.

When they see that string of little red icons setting the room aglow everyone will know you’re party isn’t going to have tuxedos and chamber music. It’s time to get out the Boombox and blast that classic rock as everyone partakes in red cup love under the romantic glow of the Red Cup Party Lights.

*12 Foot String of Lights (12 Red Cups)

*Battery Operated (3 AAA Required)


*Set to Blink or Solid

It’s a Hillbilly Holiday

Who knew that everything seems more personal and romantic when it comes from the soft glow of a Red Cup Strand of Lights? We’re talking 12 glorious feet of pure American red cup beauty, perfect for any holiday, especially the 4th of July and anything that needs a sense of culture. The red cup has become an icon…nay, a symbol…of the party generation.

Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- 12 Foot String of Lights (12 Red Cups)

- Sets the mood for more casual get-togethers

- Awesome for home or pool parties, barbecues, campouts, and tailgating

- Battery Operated (3 AAA Required)

- Can be used anywhere red cup lights are appropriate

- Portable

- Can be set to blink or solid glow

- Great gift for college students and cool people who like to get their party on

- Matching Red Cup accessories sold separately right here on

Who Would Love a Red Cup Strand of Lights?

Anyone who likes to spend their nights over the grill with his own red cup will enjoy a strand of lights like this. If you know someone who spends her nights staring at the stars while drinking a cold brew she’ll enjoy the view under these lights too. Hillbillies and scholars alike would fall over themselves for these red cup collectibles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drink out of the cups?

No, these cups are purely decorative, no matter how desperate you may get. They have holes in them for the lights and there’s that whole pesky electrocution thing. It’s better just to get the good old red cups and use them.

Will they light up my barbecue?

Indeed they will! 12-feet of red cup goodness is enough to take on the biggest backyard party and keep your grill illuminated, so you can create the perfect steaks, burgers and chops. The lights are designed for outdoor use and run off a battery, so you don’t even need to have an outlet nearby.

Why We Love It

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