Ready / Not 2Nite - Sexy Sleep Mask

Ready / Not 2Nite - Sexy Sleep Mask

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Some nights you’re hot to trot and others you’d rather have an anvil drop on your (or his) head than be touched. We’ve all been there. Spark your romance and spare the need for an anvil with the Ready or Not Sexy Sleep Mask.

This satiny sleep mask will save your honey the guesswork and spell where you stand out for him -- literally. On one side of the black feather trimmed sleep mask the message “Ready” is embroidered in sexy black letters to let him know the light is green. If his advances would likely lead to a lost limb, just turn the mask over and reveal the ominous warning “NOT 2NITE.”

Let’s face it, men aren’t so quick on the uptake when women aren’t feeling like a little nookie at bedtime. We want to make it as clear as day for our customers, so we offer the Ready/ Not Tonight Sexy Sleep Masks. He’ll know the minute he steps into the bedroom whether to make his move or wait for another night. Fun Slurp is all about making marriages better one naughty night mask at a time.


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