Prescription Shot Glasses - 3 Pack

Prescription Shot Glasses - 3 Pack

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There are those days when you get done with work and the only medicine that can lift your mood comes in a bottle. While your doctor may not prescribe Jim Beam for a mood enhancer, that doesn’t mean you can’t tell the world the only medicine that works for you.

The Prescription Shot Glass tells you take one by mouth and repeat as long as you can stomach it. The next day when you’re swearing off alcohol and praying that the headache goes away before work, you can blame it all on Dr. Feelgood and you’ve even got the Prescription Shot Glass to prove it.

One Shot, Two Shot, Three Shot, Cured!

If my doctor would have prescribed a shot every time I had a cold, then I’d probably have more sick days. How cool is this? A prescription shot glass. Who needs prescription drugs when a few shots of whiskey can end the pain just as fast? If you’re feeling under the weather, then put the keys on the table, take two shots and call your doctor in the morning.



- 3 shot glasses for sharing without spreading cooties

- Holds 2 ounces of healing liquid

- Fun at parties

- Made of quality ceramics

- Just what the doctor ordered


Who Would Love A Prescription Shot Glass?

Do you know that guy across the hall that spends more time at the doctor’s office than at work? Yeah, he’d love this. He’s a hypochondriac and everyone knows that alcohol kills germs and more than a few brain cells. It’s also great for that alcohol lover that needs another excuse to grab a drink or two. Everyone needs a visit from Dr. Feelgood every now and then and the prescription shot glass lets you tell everyone that it’s medicinal.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does this actually cure any illnesses?

Well, if you’ve got the brown bottle flu, then this is considered the hair of the dog that bit you. While the Prescription Shot may make you feel better for the short term, it’s certainly not going to solve any of your problems. Just ask Lindsay Lohan.

Do I really need a prescription?

That’s the beauty of the Prescription Shot Glass, you don’t need a prescription to use it. The only requirement is that you’re over the age of 21. Feel free to fill it with your favorite adult beverage. The only side effects are hangover and if you drink too much you may experience coyote ugly syndrome.  Be prepared to chew your own arm off.

Please self-medicate responsibly.

Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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