Peace Ice Mold

Peace Ice Mold

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Make drinks, not war. Why not give peace a chance with the Peace Ice Mold? Your favorite drink will be cooled not only by the ice cubes themselves, but the aura of peace each cube gives off. Just drop some of these frozen symbols of togetherness and tranquility into some rainbow-colored glasses and you can turn every summertime sit-in or tree-hugging event into a far-out gathering that sparkles with the mellow glow of peace, light and tie-dye, just like in the 60's. Bell bottoms and incense, not included.

Overview of the Peace Ice Cube Tray

Are you bored with ice? Most ice trays make ice in square or rectangle shapes. In the past ice has never been a unique item, but now you can make a statement with your ice. But, what if I was to say that you could add some style into your drink now? The peace sign ice mold is a great way to add some flair into your drink. If you were to have some friends over, you can say that you are a peaceful and calm person without saying a word. Your friends might also think that you are taking a step back in living in the 60's. Your ice will do all the talking for you.


The peace sign ice tray is made from a silicon rubber. It is an easy way to get your ice out without breaking your ice cubes or having the ice fall all over the place. You will get ten cubes out of one entire tray as well.

Your Eyes Aren�t Playing Tricks on You

These are really detailed peace signs. Each ice cube will be perfectly formed and will be ready for action in your drink in no time. If you are feeling really adventurous, there are other uses for them. You can use them to make Jell-O peace signs or you could use it to make wax molds to make a peace necklace. Don�t let your eyes and mind deceive you, there are plenty of ways to make peace sign shaped objects.

Invite Your Friends and Family Over, They�ll Love It

Before you know it, having peace sign shapes will be a great way to add some flair into a party. Imagine that you have a 60�s party, what a great way to go all out and add the number one symbol from that time period. Even your drinks will be dressed up for the party. These molds are a great way to add some fun entertainment and flair to any type of gathering.

But Will This Cost Me An Arm and a Leg?

No, of course not. That would not be fun at all. For $6.95 a piece, this mold will be all yours. It is a small price to pay to have an awesome gathering!

Why We Love It

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