Paparazzi Shades

Paparazzi Shades

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When you walk outside, are you inundated with flashbulbs and nosy photographers? No? Me either, but you can look like it with Paparazzi shades. These black bar shades cover your eyes just like all your friends on Cops.

When the popo pulls you over for going 105 in a 30, you can keep your identity a secret from your dozens of adoring friends...I mean, fans. Keep your dignity when you do something stupid by wearing these stylish novelty glasses. Are you ready for your closeup...or mugshot? I hear Charlie Sheen has three pairs and Nick Nolte makes his own.

We may not wind up big stars on the silver screen, but we can always feel like celebrities when we’re wearing our Paparazzi Shades. Cameras don’t follow us around, but if they did we’d be prepared. We love feeling like incognito movie stars whenever we’re sporting these hilarious shades around the office. It adds a little mystery to the day and keeps the boss wondering what he got himself into.


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