Outhouse Birdhouse

Outhouse Birdhouse

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Do you love the neighborhood birds, but hate finding their butt bombs all over your patio? Pull their attention away from your house to their own little craptastic slice of heaven. They’ll be too busy building a cozy nest in their new Outhouse Birdhouse to even think about taking twenty dumps a day on your new SUV.

Okay, so providing them with a hilarious birdhouse shaped like an outhouse won’t exactly keep the birdy squirts from finding their way to everything on your property. It will, however, keep everyone laughing as those winged sewage pumps perform their aerial manures from their pretty blue crap shack.

Pooping Outside is for the Birds

Where do you think the bluebird of happiness does his business? The Outhouse Birdhouse is a luxury item for birds who love being able to do their business in private. Who knew that birds were so self-conscious? This birdhouse port a potty complements any outdoor decor and is sure to be the talk of every backyard barbecue.

Specs and Stuff

- Blue, portable potty-shaped birdhouse

- Hilarious gift for nature lovers

- 6 1/2" x 4" (not counting perch) x 4"

Who Would Love the Outhouse Birdhouse?

The Outhouse Birdhouse is a wonderful gift for bird watchers, nature nuts, carnies and folks who can appreciate the freedom of dropping a mega deuce outdoors. Oh, and your neighborhood feathered friends will dig it too.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Birds Actually Poop In It?

The truth is that while this looks like an outhouse, the birds are probably not going to change their pooping and peeing habits. They’re birds. They don’t really know what a portable potty is. They’ll still cover your garden, fence, car and lawn gnomes in poo.

Do birds need toilet paper?

You might think that providing a roll of toilet paper for them is only good manners, but the birds will likely just try to eat or make a nest with it. It’s best just to keep the tp for your own bunghole.

Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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