Ouch! Oops A Daisy Band Aids

Ouch! Oops A Daisy Band Aids

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Oops A Daisy! Flowers make everything better! Give your boo-boo some much needed TLC with our Daisy shaped Bandages! Flowers will always brighten anyone's day.

Did you slip on a banana peel and do a somersault into a puddle of mud before finally slamming into concrete wall? Oops a daisy! Cover all the scrapes and bruises you can attribute to your own clumsiness with the Oops A Daisy Bandages. These colorful bandages are decorated with pictures of daisies to hide your klutzy condition from the world. Sure, people may think you have an unnatural fascination with flowers, but at least you'll keep the fact that you can't walk and text at the same time a secret...for a little longer.

Includes 24 assorted bandages with absorbent pads.
4 different styles

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  • Susan J. Aug 18, 2011
    These opps a daisy band aids are by far the cutest ones I have ever seen! My daughter just loves them and is immediately better when I pull out the fun band aids!
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