Ouch! Kiss It Better Band Aids

Ouch! Kiss It Better Band Aids

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A kiss is always the best! That's why we have the Ouch! Kiss It Better Bandages. These band aids are covered in kisses and love and will help heal scrapes and bruises of all sizes. Nothing beats a kiss!

Everyone knows moms are like superheroes. They can fix anything from squeaky bicycle chains to painful scrapes and boo boos. The Kiss It Better Band Aids are brightly colored reminders of the best healing power of them all: Mom. Each collectible tin comes with 24 fun Ouch! Bandages in an assortment of sizes, styles and prints. Your kids will know you care when you put these bandages on their everyday owies.

Includes 24 adorable assorted adhesive bandages with absorbent pads, decorated in 6 various styles.

Parents can’t stand seeing their children in pain, so we love the Ouch! Kiss It Better Band-Aids because they bring a smile to our children’s lips. Everyone knows that a mother’s kiss has more healing power than a vat of antibiotics, so you know they are in good hands with these sweet adhesive bandages.


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  • Elana . Mar 1, 2013
    Every mom needs these! I love them and when they're done I'm going to keep using the container! So cute.
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