Nacho Mints

Nacho Mints

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YUMMY!! Who doesn't love the cheesy nachos you get at games? We are in luck with the new cheesy nacho flavored mints! They smell and taste like delicious cheesy nachos, and can go with you right in your pocket. Each tin comes with 100 mints. They're made with corn syrup, flavors, and a few other things so, these mints are actually sugar free, and you still get to enjoy the nacho flavor. The nacho mints are great gifts for all, especially those who love nachos!

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  • debra . Jan 12, 2011
    These are horrible, and by horrible I mean they taste just like nachos. My son tricked me into eating one of these when I wasn\'t paying attention, and it REALLY surprised me, lol! If you LIKE nachos, then you will probably like these more than I did :)
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