Mooning Dashboard Pig

Mooning Dashboard Pig

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Anyone who's been stuck in rush hour traffic will tell you, there are a whole lot of swine on the road. With the Dashboard Mooning Pig as your carpool buddy, everyone that drives by your car will get an eyeful of some pink and rosy pig cheeks, and I'm talking about on his face.

The Dashboard Mooning Pig is a cute way to get a few laughs from passing drivers, and give those rude people a little full moon action. The pig sits securely on the dashboard and lets everyone know that this little piggy has a bit of a naughty streak in him.

Anytime we get to share hilarious butts, we’ll go out of our way, even if it’s porcine tushy. The Mooning Dashboard Pig will be quite the sight for all your friends in the morning carpool. And, it’s actually safer to keep your hands on the wheel while this little piggy tells bad motorists how you feel about their sloppy driving.


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