Monster Fun Pops (Set of 4)

Monster Fun Pops (Set of 4)

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All summer long you had to watch as the other neighborhood kids licked their cool astro popsicles from the ice cream truck while you sucked on your boring ice cube shaped homemade juice pop on a wooden popsicle stick. You were so lame. Sure it tasted good but, let's face it, appearance is everything! Our Monster Fun Pops kick your store bought astro pop's butt and the best part is they're homemade.

Our Monster Fun Pops are so easy to use. Simply add your favorite beverage to the indicated fill line, insert the handle and freeze. When it's done just flip and twist to remove your popsicle and enjoy!

Measures 6.75 inches tall x 2.5 inches in diameter. 4 frozen treat makers in a set.

If there is one thing all kids love on a hot day, it’s a frozen treat. Sadly, the ones from the store are terribly expensive and filled with all those nasty preservatives and sugars. We love Monster Fun Pops because you can make your own popsicles at home with your own healthy ingredients. Orange juice and other natural fruits are tasty, refreshing and look great in Monster Pop.


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