Moldy Sandwich Bags

Moldy Sandwich Bags

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Do you have someone in the office who’s always stealing your food? They’ll keep their thieving hands off when you pack your sandwiches in Moldy Sandwich Bags!

The bag itself has a design of green mold that will make any food inside look like it’s a good round of food poisoning waiting to happen. There’s enough mold showing that even the most determined lunch-napper will have second thoughts about your salmonella sandwich.

Don’t let another sandwich be lost to the office food bandit. Moldy Sandwich Bags are your first line of defense in making sure you get a delicious lunch.

Vengeance is now yours! Anyone that has had their food stolen by the office douchebag can get the last laugh when wrapping his lunch in the Moldy Sandwich Bags. We love this because it actually makes the bad guy squirm when he opens the fridge. Chew on that, munchy thief!


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— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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