Meat is Murder Apron

Meat is Murder Apron

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The bleeding hearts and vegetarians will tell you that the eating of animal flesh is murder and shouldn’t be done. As a proud member of the carnivorous community, you can finally admit that meat is murder and tastes delicious.

The Meat Is Murder Apron is sure to raise the hackles of the most devout vegan by letting the world know that you’re perfectly fine with the death of animals as long as it grilled just right. Keep this mantra in mind as you’re marinating those baby back ribs or barbecuing some pork chops and know that vegetarians everywhere are eating their bean sprouts in fear.

  • 100% Polyester
  • Printed in House
  • Fits Adults

This is the perfect apron for every steak loving, bacon crunching, slider noshing grillmaster out there.  Sure, cows and piggies are kind of cute, but as that ribeye sizzles away on the grill, this apron pretty much says it all. We couldn’t imagine a life without meat, and this apron tells it like it is.


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