Man Hands

Man Hands

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Any dude who grew up with the curse of dainty, womanly hands knows the terrible ribbing it can bring from the other boys in the schoolyard. You will no longer have to endure their torment if you get a pair of Man Hands.

These large, manly gloves will make even the most feminine of hands seem gigantic. Ladies and gents alike can really get in touch with their masculine side while wearing our impressive man hands. Just remember that while your mitts may be macho, your muscles may not. So, if you’re feeling competitive, skip any contact sports more aggressive than thumb wrestling.

Give Yourself a Big Hand…or Two

When you got a big job and little hands, you need to get a leg up on the situation…or in this case, a hand up. Man Hands will give you some seriously large hands, and they’re not just for women. There are plenty of men that feel their hands are inadequate and hide them under gloves or even hooks, I’m talking to you, Captain.

Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- Two hilariously huge, realistic hands

- Made of latex

- Measures 14" long

- Give the best high fives of your life

Who Would Love Man Hands?

Do you know someone who has always been a little insecure about his baby…hands? He’ll finally feel like one of the guys when he slips on these Man Hands. You’ll be building houses, slamming brewskis and spitting tobacco in no time…just like other regular-handed fellas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will people think I’m compensating for something?

If you’re a chick, probably not. They’ll just think you’ve got freakishly big hands. If you’re a dude, well, they run a lot cheaper than a Viper…and you get two.

Can I finally fix my car?

Sorry, having man hands won’t improve your mechanical ability. Not all men are good with cars, some look at engine and it looks like something from Star Trek. If you need some big hands, then you’re good to go. For everything automotive related, you’ll need a mechanic. 

Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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