Ladybug Kitchen Timer

Ladybug Kitchen Timer

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Do you love ladybugs? Now your favorite beetle can sit on your counter and help you cook up something delicious. The adorable Ladybug Kitchen Timer is the perfect compliment to your cookware and will keep you from burning your meatloaf our over-toasting your buns.

Your ladybug friend can clock up to 60 minutes and will sound when runs out. Because she's so cute, compact and portable, you can use her anywhere. The Ladybug Kitchen timer is perfect for time outs in your toddler's room or helping your kids to time how long they've been brushing their teeth in the bathroom. She's got so many uses, you'll want more than one!

We love this because anything that can make your kitchen look even cuter is alright with us. The Ladybug Kitchen Timer will make even the hardest heart melt as it ticks off your pot roast or casserole dish. Don’t let your kitchen be ruled by a boring timer when you got this happy little lady waiting in the wings.


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  • Casey . Jan 15, 2011
    My daughter who\'s 4 now, loves ladybugs. I am always looking for ways to get her involved into what I\'m doing. This was the perfect opportunity to get her involved in time, and cooking/baking. Now, she can\'t wait to make dinner! Works well, and looks cool.
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