Inflatable Moose Head

Inflatable Moose Head

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This Inflatable Moose Head is just what you've been looking for. Picture this: you have a room that you want to make perfectly homey. Only a moose head on the wall could complete the aura, but you're an animal rights activist, can't hold a gun, and don't know any hunters.

How are you going to add to the charm of your bedroom or wood cabin? The Inflatable Moose Head is your answer! Easily blown-up to look like a realistic moose head, this inflatable decoration can be effortlessly mounted to the wall. Now, you can fix the atmosphere of your room without killing any animals!

Problem solved. You're welcome.

Hey Rocky, Look What I Pulled Out of My Hat

We can’t all be great hunters, traveling the wildernesses of the world for wild game and spectacular trophies. Heck, some of us don’t even want to shoot a gun or kill anything, but the Inflatable Moose Head lets anyone have the trophy without the bloodshed and poison ivy rash.

Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- Vinyl inflatable moose head

- All the goodness of a real moose head, without the body count

- Hangs on walls

- Perfect for houses, apartments, cabins, dorms and offices

- Measures 29"W x 30"H x 24"D

Who Would Love Inflatable Moose Head?

That world-weary hunter who can’t seem to catch a break would love the Inflatable Moose Head, as it’s probably the only trophy he’ll ever own. You could also sneak it into the bed of your enemy a la “The Godfather,” but be prepared to go to the mattresses. Even vinyl dismembered heads tend to get a strong reaction out of groggy targets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it sing?

There are a ton of talking and singing head trophies out there, but I think we can all agree they’re wicked devices bent on driving you insane. Fun! Sadly, our Inflatable Moosehead doesn’t sing, but he will stare at you with creepy dead eyes, you know, for your enjoyment.

Will it come alive and attack me?

Ah, the original “Evil Dead” featured a moose head that comes alive, and while it pretty much just creeped everyone in the cabin out, it has become a part of cinematic history. Our moose is specially protected against Deadites, but we can’t guarantee a poltergeist won’t throw it across the room.

Did that $5,000 hunting trip to Canada end up a bust? Don’t go home empty handed. We love the Inflatable Moose Head, because even the worst hunter comes home with a trophy. We don’t like to kill anything, so blowing up our hunting trophies is fine by us. Just watch out for sharp objects or your trophy could be a bust too.


Why We Love It

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