Hillary's Book of Accomplishments

Hillary's Book of Accomplishments

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Empty Book of Hillary’s Accomplishments

Hillary Clinton is a controversial figure in American politics, and many people can’t agree on what she has done in the decades of being in various offices. The Empty Book of Hillary’s Accomplishment is one interpretation of what she’s done. Are you tired of hearing about all the things she says she’s done and want a reminder of what happened? This book is everything you need. Open it up to see page after page of nothing. What did she do as Secretary of State? Nothing. What did she do as first lady? Nothing. Everything she’s accomplished can now be found in one handy volume.

An Expansive Hillary Tome

Are you not a big fan of the Hillary? Do you think she deserves to be behind bars and not inside the Oval Office? If you ever need a reminder of her extensive accomplishments through the years, then get the Empty Book of Hillary’s Accomplishments. It’s filled with everything she’s done since she entered politics.

Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- Completely blank pages of accomplishments from cover to cover

- Hilarious political gag gift

- Use as a journal or diary

- Funny coffee table book and conversation starter

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to read the book?

The good news about the Empty Book of Hillary’s Accomplishments is that it’s a quick read. You’d think after decades being in politics there would be volumes filled with her good deeds, but other than the title, this book has nothing in it. Page after page of all the things she did to make America a better place.

What happens if she becomes president?

If Hillary becomes president, then the book will continue to be updated with all the good things she does. You can keep the book and it will always be up to date, because she’ll never do anything that might be considered an accomplishment. This is one book you will never have to worry about becoming out of date. 

Why We Love It

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