Hand Tossed Salad Servers

Hand Tossed Salad Servers

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When it comes to making the best salad on the planet, it's time to give yourself a hand...or two for that matter.

The Hand Tossed Salad Servers are designed to look like two hands clapping, but they are ideal for picking up and tossing your garden fresh salads. Standard salad tongs are so boring and lack personality, so liven things up with these handy utensils.

While you're tossing the dinner salad, everyone will be in awe of your skilled use of the Hand Tossed Salad Servers. They'll be green with envy because clearly four hands are better than two.

Give Yourself a Hand in the Kitchen

Everyone wishes they had a few extra hands in the kitchen to help with all the food preparation, but too often you’ve only got the two God gave you. With the Hand Tossed Salad Servers, you can double your workforce even if it’s just for the salad. They’re perfect for picking up and serving salad to your hungry guests.


Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- Hand shaped salad servers

- Made from durable beechwood

- Heat resistant

- Safe with non-stick cookware

- Measure approximately 5.25 by 10.5-inch


Who Would Like Hand Tossed Salad Servers?

Anyone who likes to liven things up in the kitchen and keep dinner fun will love the Hand Tossed Salad Servers. They provide a whimsical and unique way to serve salad and will definitely bring a chuckle to your guests. There are so many bad puns to go with these, you’ll have material for years.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have an opposable thumb?

Sadly, the Hand Tossed Salad Servers lack the opposable thumbs to make them our equals. You wouldn’t want them to have any anyway. Imagine a world overrun by Hand Tossed Salad Servers creeping around like zombie appendages. Humanity is in ruin and the only humans left are forced to toss salad day in, day out, or work the lettuce mines. Hey, that might make a good movie.

Do they come in other colors?

No, the wood grain is the only color available for the Hand Tossed Salad Servers, but luckily wood goes with everything and you don’t have to worry about paint chipping and peeling into your salad.

Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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