Hamburger Coasters - Set of 6

Hamburger Coasters - Set of 6

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Anyone that has spent time as a bachelor has used almost anything around to act as a coaster for his beverage of choice. Mom ingrained it in us to use a coaster, but she never really told us what that was. Lids, pieces of paper and even the occasional burger patty helped stave off those unsightly water marks.

You can relieve those glory days with the Burger Coasters. They are the perfect coasters for bachelors and men of all ages because they're meaty and manly but won't leave those nasty grease spots everywhere.

Burger Coasters come in sets of six stackable coasters in the shapes of two buns, a patty, slice of cheese, tomato and lettuce.

My boys like to use coasters almost as much as my husband…i.e. completely nil. The only way I can get my kids and oversized childlike husband to keep my tables free of water rings is to make it fun. The boys love using the Hamburger Coaster cheese and burger patty and even my husband remembers to cover his bun half the time.

Maybe there’s hope for him yet.


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