Grandma's Parking Permit

Grandma's Parking Permit

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Grandma isn't giving that driver's license up without a fight, so you might as well just go with it.

Grandma's Parking Permit is a great gift to let her know she can park wherever she long as it's not a handicapped space.

Grandma's eyes will light up when she opens her new Grandma's Parking Permit. She'll think of you every time she drives her '88 Crown Victoria up onto Aunt Mildred's lawn. You always were her favorite.

The Grandma's Parking Permit is a humorous white plastic hanger with red lettering and adorned with a red rose that's just as sweet as the lady herself.

Grandma’s spent her life raising children and probably babysitting grandkids, so she’s certainly earned her own parking permit. We love the novelty Grandma’s Parking Permit, because it shows the world that she is officially old as hell and can park anywhere she wants. Are you going to tell grandma no? Yeah, we didn’t think so.


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