Go Away! Garden Gnome

Go Away! Garden Gnome

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Apparently, even magical creatures can wake up on the wrong side of the bed. The Go Away Garden Gnome features an angry gnome flipping the bird with a sign that clearly tells people to shove off and head home.

If you’re a little on the anti-social side or just need a grumpy gnome for your rock garden, then the Go Away Garden Gnome is for you. One glance at this guy and all those pesky solicitors will know your house isn’t a welcoming stop on their list and they can keep on walking. This little fella may be small, but he has enough angst to make up for his stature.

He'd Give Grumpy a Run for His Money

Odds are if Snow White met the Go Away Garden Gnome, even her peaceful demeanor couldn't handle this rude dude. He loves flipping the bird to everyone he meets and telling the kids to get off his lawn. The only thing that makes this gnome happy is the misfortune of others...just like Donald Trump.


Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- Made of weatherproof resin

- Far more angry than your average garden gnome

- Caters to the gnarled old crank in everyone

- Perpetually frustrated because he technically doesn’t have a middle finger

- Measures approximately 9 1/2 inches tall

- Makes an equally hilarious gag gift for every Sour Sally or Perky Pollyanna on your gift list


Who Would Love The Go Away Garden Gnome?

There are quite a few people out there that like to collect gnome statues, and the more unique the better.  While most are simply pleasant little buggers, this little guy could create quite the commotion in any gnomey neighborhood. Gnome statue collectors will love his straightforward take on life, and he will make a perfect addition to any backyard garden.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are garden gnomes any relation to fairytale dwarves?

Everyone knows that fairytale dwarves like to spend their days toiling in caves and harboring fugitives from justice, but gnomes are much happier outside among Mother Nature. While they may share relations far down line...what happens in gnomeland stays in gnomeland...they're not going to be playing pin the tail on the donkey at any family reunions.


Does the Go Away Garden Gnome need anger management classes?

That's a definite yes, but so far it isn't court ordered. Until he sees the error in his ways, this stodgy old gnome can flip the bird to whoever he chooses. If he does end up getting put in the slammer, then make sure he makes all his appointments because gnomes generally don’t have the upper body strength to press license plates. 

Why We Love It

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