Facebook Like and Dislike Stamps

Facebook Like and Dislike Stamps

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Facebook has changed the way we look at things and now you can give your stamp of approval or disapproval with the Like and Dislike Stamps. Facebook may not have gotten around to creating the dislike button yet, but that doesn't mean you can't avail it for those error-filled reports or a note from your hubby saying he's out with the boys...again. The stamps feature the all-to-familiar thumbs up and thumbs down symbols, so you can be judgmental until the cows some home...and then you can put a dislike stamp on them, too.

Back in the 80's, movie review duo Siskel & Ebert became legends for introducing a revolutionary technique for simplified cultural critique. Gone was the bewildering "four star" system. Instead, every movie came in one of two flavors: "Thumbs Up" or "Thumbs Down".

Like everything awesome, "Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down" has gone digital lately making us all mini-Eberts - casting judgment on all that passes before us from the comfort of our desks. It's a revolutionary device with two major flaws: In this brave new world, we can only "like" things and we can only do so digitally.

Well, we've solved both those problems with our latest product, the Like & Dislike Stamps! Preloaded with enough ink for 5,000 assertions, the stamps give you the ability to emphatically thwack your opinion on tangible objects ... in the real world.

Second season of LOST on DVD? Dislike! Parking tickets? Dislike! Pictures of kittens? Dislike! Honestly, we're critical of most things so don't pay attention to us. The facebook Like & Dislike Stamps are a formidable duo of approval and distaste.

Physically sharing your opinion? What a throwback!

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  • Jacob . Mar 8, 2011
    I love these. My Mom likes to leave sticky notes all over the house to leave chores, so now I stamp each one and leave them where SHE will find them.
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