Electric Shock Stapler

Electric Shock Stapler

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Office politics can be a pain, so why not make it official with the Electric Shock Stapler? Place this amusing office implement on your friend's desk and watch as he gets a shock every time he staples papers together. It's the perfect gift for that disgruntled office worker or annoying boss who's just begging to be taught a lesson. Just make sure you have your affairs in order and a good bit of money stashed away in case you end up needing to find a new job. This is a great prank for and office filled with pranksters and gag lovers.

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  • David . Jan 12, 2011
    Hahaha... what a great shock prank. I know the perfect guys at the office to perform this on.
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  • Timbo . Jan 12, 2011
    This thing shocked the crudola out of my girlfriend. It provides quite the scare. The only downside is that she got shocked so hard she dropped it from 5 feet, and I had to tape it back together, but it still works!
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