Cupcake Shower Cap

Cupcake Shower Cap

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Do you wish you could steal a little time in the afternoon to pamper yourself with a nice, relaxing bath?

Be a cupcake and treat yourself to an extra warm bubble bath whenever you’d like. You deserve it! You can let your cares melt away while you soak in the serenity, and you don’t even have to get your hair wet.

Just put our adorable Cupcake Shower Cap before stepping into the tub and your locks will stay dry while you indulge yourself in some “me time.”

The cherry-topped pink Cupcake Shower Cap is a thoughtful fun gift for all the ladies in your life.

Many women like to use a shower cap to keep their locks dry when they just need to get their exercise stink, excuse me, glow off them. We love that you can toss that boring old cap and replace it with the Cupcake Shower Cap. This sweet sensation looks just like a cupcake that rests comfortably on your head while you freshen up. 


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