Crap Gift Wrap

Crap Gift Wrap

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We've all had those gifts that just didn't live up to our expectations. You have three choices: stuff it in the closet, take it back to the store or re-gift it at the office holiday gift exchange. Any way you slice it, you still have to act like it's the best present you've ever received. Don't put someone else into that position. Why sugarcoat the fact that you had no idea what to get someone or just didn't put too much thought into it? Cover it in gift wrap that tells them the truth. A Crappy Gift Just For You Wrap is a delightful wrapping paper covered in images of a fly covered pile of poo. What better way to emphasize that tie you bought at the Goodwill? You can also buy a really nice gift and give them a shock by wrapping it in crappy wrapping paper. That way, they'll save the best for last. Sorry, folks. A Crappy Gift Just For You Wrap doesn't come in scratch and sniff...yet.

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