Cow Ice Cream Bowl and Spoon

Cow Ice Cream Bowl and Spoon

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This is one of the few times you can eat your ice cream right from the cow. Cute Brutes Ice Cream Bowl and Spoon is a bowl with cow legs and a spoon with a cow head. Enjoy your favorite cereal knowing it has your spoon's moo of approval.This is the perfect gift for children learning how to eat from a bowl or a hilarious gag gift for your lactose intolerant friend. She may not be able to get within 30 feet of a cow without charging to the bathroom, but she can still enjoy her dairy-free desserts with the adorable Cute Brutes Ice Cream Bowl and Spoon.

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  • Nicole . Oct 10, 2011
    My little boy loved eating out of the Cow Ice Cream and Bowl... We used it for all foods, not just ice cream.
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