Corn Dog Mints

Corn Dog Mints

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I am a firm believer that there just aren't enough meats on sticks, but you can't carry a corn dog in your pocket...usually. That doesn't mean you can't carry that carnival of flavor with you every where you go. A Corn Dog Mint is like a county fair in your mouth...minus the smelly petting zoo and mullet-wearing carnies. That's something we can all appreciate. Corn Dog Mints give you all the flavor of a corn dog without all those pesky nitrates. If you know someone who recently started a diet for health reasons, but has a weakness of meat sticks, then this makes the perfect 'Hey, I'm sorry you're unhealthy' gift.

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  • Aiden . May 16, 2011
    I bought this out of pure curiosity, but am very happy that I did. They do taste just like a corndog. Its an acquired taste, really; and completely different than the average mint. Thumbs up!
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