Cork Candles

Cork Candles

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Using wine bottles as candleholders has been popular for centuries, but now you can add a whole new level to the look with our Grapevine: Wine Cork Candles. Fashioned to look like the real deal, these stylish candles will look handsome in any setting and are sure to be conversation starters.

Each set of Grapevine: Wine Cork Candles comes with four functional, cork-shaped candles. The candles burn for approximately three hours and have handy tapered bases so they fit all standard sized wine & beer bottles.


Put a cork in it

Do you want to give your home the look of a nice romantic Italian bistro? Our Cork Candles are designed to fit inside your empty wine bottles and burn down to create that classic look, but with a twist. The candles are shaped and styled like corks, transforming bottles into uniquely decorative pieces. They’re guaranteed to bring a touch of class and sophistication to the room.


Spec, Features and Bragging Rights

- Set includes 4 candles

- Candles look like real wine corks

- Unique gift for wine lovers

- Turn empty wine bottles into fun accent pieces

- Measure 3 inches tall

- Burn up to three hours each


Who will love Cork Candles?

Anyone who’s a fan of really cool candles will absolutely love Cork Candles. They are elegant and will liven up any room. The tapered base will make a snug fit in any wine bottle and create an amazing look as it melts and covers the bottle.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this on a partially empty wine bottle? I like to keep some for later.

We all hate recorking a wine bottle, but these are completely decorative candles and won't help you keep your delicious wine safe. Plus, fire and booze aren’t a rad combination. Check out our selection of unique wine stoppers for fun ways to keep your vino fresh and stylish.


Are the candles really made out of cork?

We admit that the artistry in the candles are amazingly realistic, but they are not actually made out of cork. You can tell by the pictures that the attention to detail is impeccable, but they are created with candle wax so they are fun, funky and totally functional. An actual “cork” candle would simply burn and not melt onto the bottle for that signature look.

Why We Love It

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