Chill Pill Ice Tray

Chill Pill Ice Tray

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Hot? Stressed? Thirsty for some relief? Pop a Chill Pill, dude! Homemade cubes from the Chill Pill Ice Tray will lighten your mood every time you pull them from your freezer. The resuable tray makes six humorous tablet-shaped ice cubes at a time, each sarcastically marked "CHILL PILL."

The next time you're on the verge of insanity, drop these funny pills into your favorite beverage and cool your head while they cool your drink. You'll find them to be just what the doctor ordered. Only, totally self-prescribed!

The Chill Pill Ice Tray is the perfect prescription for every overworked, high-strung, under-medicated guy and gal on your gift list.

We know that every now and then, everyone needs to take a chill pill. While most require a doctor’s prescription, you can get your very own from us. The Chill Pill Ice Tray keeps your drinks cool and your mind calm. We’re all about the zen, here at FunSlurp.


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