Camouflage Golf Balls

Camouflage Golf Balls

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Has the game of golf just gotten too darn easy for you? Tired of all those hole in ones and easy to see golf balls that stick out like a sore thumb on the green? Why not liven the game up a bit with the Camouflage Golf Ball. These are guaranteed to keep you busy for hours...possibly days. These golf balls blend in seamlessly with the green and the rough, making them nearly impossible to see. This is perfect for the person that wants to spend a little extra time on the course and away from his or her significant other.These Camouflage Golf Balls are genuine golf balls covered with camouflage paint, and are nearly invisible in the fairway. Bring the frustration back to your golf game. You get three Camouflage Golf Balls in each package and are perfect gifts for those golfing buddies you want to torment.

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  • Virginia . Aug 15, 2011
    The camo golf balls are a great gift for any golfer. I would recommend this funny product to all golfers or golf wives.
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