Busting Your Ass Wet Wipes

Busting Your Ass Wet Wipes

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People like to work hard and break a sweat doing something they love. It could be working on their homes, cleaning up their yards or a million other things that help make this world a better place.

Treat them with a special gift and let them clean up a bit at the same time with the Busting Your Ass Wet Wipes. They can wipe their brow and face and even take a quick hit to the underarms if so needed. They’ll appreciate the sentiment of the wipes and the wipes themselves.

There’s always that one person that’s doing twice as much work as everyone else, and we love being able to award them with the acknowledgement he or she deserves. The Busting Your Ass Wet Wipes lets everyone know that you noticed and that this person deserves the praise. Plus, they’re mighty handy when all that work leaves behind an unpleasant aroma.


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