Boobies Beer Glass

Boobies Beer Glass

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Fact: Men love beer and men love boobs. If you put them together, then you have the greatest invention since the neon light or G-string.

The Boobies Beer Glass can handle your favorite beer and give you a nice set of headlights to stare at while you’re wetting your whistle.

Warning: Maintaining eye contact during conversations will be nearly impossible because your buddies will constantly be checking out your boobies. This is common because many men are extremely attracted to jugs of beer. It’s a DNA thing. The best way to prevent them from eventually trying to get their hands on your Boobies Beer Glass is to get them their own.

Tops Up

While you usually say “Bottoms Up”, the Boobies Beer Glass will make you say “Tops Up.” You can’t help but love drinking your favorite brew from a glass sporting a hefty pair of headlights…nipples included. It’s like getting a lap dance at your favorite strip club while she pours beer down your throat. Life is good.


Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- Ultimate icebreaker

- Holds 27 ounces

- Entire glass holds liquid including the jugs

- Hand wash recommended


Who Would Love Boobies Beer Glass?

Anyone who appreciates the female form in all its shapely glory, especially if you like fondling breasts as you drink your brew. The Boobies Beer glass brings two of man’s favorite things together in one glorious package. Plus, she will never roll over in bed, have a headache or slap your hand when you go in for a grab…in fact, she’ll reward you with beer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get arrested for grabbing the boobies?

Nope, these are 100 percent your boobies, and you can do whatever you want to them. Although, excessive fondling, etc. is incredibly creepy and odds are you’ll be a social pariah, but at least you’ll have your beer and fake boobies. You may not get arrested, but you’ll probably not get a real girlfriend either.

Does it make me look manly?

What’s manlier than drinking from a glass with a pair of sweater puppies on it? I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how the Vikings celebrated all their victories in the days of old. Ok, so I don’t really know that, but I’m pretty sure they would have loved the Boobies Beer Glass, because, well, beer and boobies.

Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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