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High Stylers Highlighters for Fashionistas

When you’re into fashion, your look isn’t about a sassy outfit and fabulous shoes, it’s part of everything you do. You wouldn’t settle for just any phone or carry your books and important papers in a boring bag.

Style is always important.

And that carries over into your office or school supplies too. Folders with flair. Sleek and stylish pens. Even your paper clips have personality, so why would you settle for a plain old highlighter?

Our High Stylers Highlighters are designed to be fun and unique just like you!

High Stylers Highlighters

Styled to look like nail polish bottles in hot trendy hues that write like classic highlighters, High Stylers are the perfect combination of function and fashion. Get them for school, home or your office and rock your trendsetter status.

What dog are you?

Have you ever had the burning desire to find out what kind of dog you are?

If you can’t stand another sleepless night wondering what breed your inner pooch is, then you can head over to and find out. All you have to do is upload a picture of yourself, and the site will instantly end the mystery. They even share key traits in your puppy nature.

According to, I'm a wiener dog.

According to What Dog, I’m a dachshund, clearly making me the big wiener.

What dog are you? Share in the comments below.

Valentine’s Lunch – Kisses Sandwich Bags

Packed With Love

Kisses Sandwich Bags

When I was a little girl, nothing made my school day like an unexpected “I love you” packed into my lunch. Thinking back on those special sentiments still makes me smile, so now I make sure to send a little something along in my family’s lunches from time to time to show them that I’m thinking of them, even when we’re apart.

Put together a lunch covered in kisses to surprise your family this Valentine’s Day. Our Kisses Sandwich Bags offer a sweet surprise that turns any sandwich, veggie, or tasty treat into something extra special. The bags come with two styles, so you can mix and match. And, with 20 to a pack, there will be plenty left over for other occasions when you want to let them know you’re thinking of them. Everything tastes better when it’s packed with love.

Tourist Costume for Passing Out Candy #SpookUptheFun

Are you staying home and passing candy out this Halloween? Even if you’re not going door to door with the kids or heading out for night on the town, you can still have a little fun and dress up for the holiday.

Halloween spirit starts with you!

If you’re fresh out of the usual mummy, Frankenstein or Edward Cullen costumes, you can throw together an easy ensemble that will be a little wacky but comfy too. Rather than anger the wife by cutting holes in her favorite Eqyptian cotton sheets for a quick ghostly getup, opt for a simple tourist costume made from a few FunSlurpian favorites and items you have right in your closet!

1: Pull that Hawaiian shirt your mother-in-law bought you while she was on vacation out of mothballs. It’s finally going to have its chance to shine.

2: Grab a pair of shorts from your dresser! Go ahead and pat yourself on the back for not packing away your summer clothes yet. It’s like you knew you’d still need it.

umbrella hat

3: Head over to and grab a pair of Sock Sandals and our handy, dandy Umbrella Hat. If you’d never rock socks with sandals and want to keep it authentic, you can also opt for Red Sneaker Socks.  The great thing about the sock sandals and sneaker socks are that they complete your costume in a comical and comfortable way. Go for that little extra; you won’t regret it.

4: Optional additions to this simple costume are your fanny packs to hold candy, a camera around your neck for some touristy accessorizing and of course, the always awesome Binocular Flask.

On Halloween night, while others are squirming in their cheap-o store-bought costumes, sweating under a mountain of makeup, you’ll be lounging about, easy and breezy in your tourist costume.

Halloween Treats for Your Furbabies #SpookUptheFun

What’s wrong with Halloween going to the dogs or cats a little bit? Human children shouldn’t be the only ones to get treats during the haunting season, especially if you’re the pet parent that insists on Fido or Fifi wearing a costume each year.

Including your dog or cat in the Halloween fun is a simple way to express heartfelt gratitude for being your best buddy through everything. And, allowing you the honor of cleaning up their poop day after stinky day.

Halloween Treats for Dogs

There’s nothing as satisfying as a good undead squeaky toy on a brisk October day. If you get your chihuahua, Hercules, a Zombie Foot Dog Toy, he’ll be as happy as a pup with a dismembered vinyl foot. Plus, he’ll be prepared for any walkers who pop up in the neighborhood should there be a zombie apocalypse.

zombie foot dog toy

If creepy dog toys aren’t your thing, you might take to the kitchen and make him some homemade dog biscuits in the shapes of our popular Gingerdead Men.

Halloween Treats for Cats

Cats are pretty much like toddlers. They’re attracted to simple toys like boxes and string. So, when gifting something to your mouser friend, you might as well get things that you’ll enjoy, like say, an Inflatable Unicorn Horn. You can say it’s for her, but we all know that you’re the sole beneficiary of this gift, and, dude, that’s totally okay. Happy Halloween to you.

unicorn horn for cats


If you feel the need to try to hide that the Halloween treat you’re getting for your cat is for you, grab her the Cat Keyboard Scratcher. While she claws the crap out of it to your Best of Billy Joel playlist, you can shoot videos to share with your friends. (Bonus points if you incorporate the unicorn horn.)

People spend loads of dough on their human children at Halloween time, and furbabies are often left out of the fun. Be a better pet parent this spooky season and grab your dog or cat a treat that will keep him from leaving a homemade trick on your pillow.

Gingerdead Men Make Spooktacular Tricks and Treats!

When Halloween parties, luncheons or homemade treats are in order, there are plenty of ordinary cookie choices out there. Most at-home bakers opt for the usual sugar cookies, choosing the classic Halloween bat, cat, pumpkin or ghost cookie cutters to really jazz them up.

Not only has the sugar cookie concept been played out for decades, but it takes a ridiculously long time to make a variety of cutouts for worthwhile flair. Sprinkles, several colors of icing and all the hours of painstaking detail work? And, for what? So you can bring the same cookies as everyone else to the table. That’s a thumbs down in funky town if I’ve ever heard one.

No offense to the ancient art of sugar cookie making, but we find them to be way too booooring for the modern day treat baking situation! Why not turn Halloween cookie expectations on their ears and go with gingerbread men instead? Well, Gingerdead Men to be exact.

gingerdead men cookies


Unlike those dreadfully ordinary sugar cookies, there’s no need to spend a ton of extra time decorating them. The cookie cutter leaves an impression of the silly skeletons in the gingerbread cookie, so decorating comes down to simply tracing with one color – white! You don’t need to get super fancy or use a ton of icing for flavoring because the spicy gingerbread has enough wow factor for the tastebuds already. Low maintenance, high crowd appeal! Gingerdead Men will be a hit for sure!

gingerdead men cutter

Don’t waste precious baking hours on trying to make 10 dozen sugar cookies with a variety of cutters and colors. Turn the Halloween cookie snoozefest into a spookfest with Gingerdead Men this year!


Dress Up Your Hostess Gifts #SpookUptheFun

Why spend hundreds of dollars on a Halloween costume to impress your friends and then give them a boring hostess gift? A bottle of wine is customary, but don’t walk through that door looking like Edward Cullen (with extra sparkles) and have a bottle of wine that looks like…well…a bottle of wine. Why not dress it up for the Halloween as well?

overalls for wine

Vinderalls Wine Caddy is perfect for that hillbilly costume you decided to wear to the swanky uptown party. They’ll love the symmetry as you sing the theme to “Green Acres” while cradling your matching bottle of wine, which has probably already been opened by then. Everyone loves a good ole boy and that wine can be your best friend.

sock monkey wine caddy

The Sock Monkey Wine Caddy goes great with the Catholic school girl costume you’re wearing. Plus, you can carry it around like real doll and take swigs when no one is looking. Wine not?

hoodie wine tote

If you’re going as the Unabomber, and really who isn’t this holiday season, then the Hoodie Wine Caddy is the perfect accessory. It also goes great with the jock costume or even the emo guy. Oh wait, that wasn’t a costume, just a dude who’s really melodramatic. Any way you slice it, the Hoodie Wine Caddy is a perfect fit for every hostess gift.

Whatever you do, don’t walk into a costume party with a naked bottle. It dampens the fun, and your hostess gift will be remembered every year.

Freaky Dashboard Buddies for Halloween Cruisin’ # SpookUptheFun

People have been mounting hula women and the mascots of their favorite sports teams on their dashes for years, but for those of you with a…shall we say…discerning taste, these freaky dashboard ornaments are for you. They’re cool. They’re disturbing. And, they’re fiendishly waiting to be featured prominently on the dashboard of your hoopty.

The Dashboard Eyeball Wiggler is a giant eyeball with a fez. How creepily messed up is that? It wiggles and it jiggles, but it won’t get any weirder, unless it comes to life on Halloween night!

eyeball dashboard wiggler
Slicey Dashboard Pig Wiggler is something you’d likely see on the dashboard of Jigsaw from the Saw movies. He seems to be a happy go lucky pig perfectly content in carving himself up for Sunday dinner. There’s something so wrong at the pleasure he seems to be getting at cutting himself open. It’s completely demented, and we love it.

slicey dashboard pig
Is it strange that the Dashboard Zombie is the most normal one we have? He wiggles around like he’s doing an undead version of the Humpty Dance. He just needs a fake nose and the blood of the innocent to be complete.

dashboard zombie
Why not take all three of these guys home and make sure every ride is a hauntingly freaky time!?!

The BEAST: Giant Fist Drink Koozie – The UnCostume #SpookUptheFun

Every party has a pooper, especially when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. Rather than spoil your evening arguing with your fella over whether or not he can go out without a costume, meet him halfway with The BEAST.

The Beast Close Up

The BEAST is a giant fist drink koozie that will give him an instant costume without making him have to work at it. In fact, everyone will be jealous of his clever gimungo drinking accessory and want to dress up as him next year!

the beast handle

All your uncostumed companion has to do is slip his hand into The BEAST and hold on to the inner handle. Then the huge fist will hold onto his beverage, and he can walk around the party in his otherwise normal attire.

Huzzah for The BEAST, the official uncostume of 2014!

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