Best Snacks are Under My Apron

Best Snacks are Under My Apron

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I Keep the Best Snacks Under my Apron!

Everyone knows that the grilled steak is the star of any meal, but what about the snacks and the sides? If the person grilling always seems to have a chip in his hand or a pile of pork rind crumbs at his feet, then he might just be hoarding the best snacks.

The Best Snacks Apron calls him out by telling everyone that the best snacks are underneath his apron. Just be careful when you’re rooting around for those corn chips that you don’t accidentally grab any sausage.

  • 100% Polyester
  • Printed in House
  • Fits Adults

We take snacking seriously at headquarters. When it comes to munchies, we know the importance of ferreting away the most delicious treats for ourselves, so we felt a kinship with the Best Snacks Apron. Not only does it embrace our philosophy that the early bird gets the gummy worm, but it encourages selfishly hiding away the extras with no shame.


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