Angry Chef Paper Towel Holder

Angry Chef Paper Towel Holder

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We’re pretty sure a certain British celebrity chef has one of these in his kitchen, because it just speaks to his personality. The Angry Chef Paper Towel Holder provides you with quick access to paper towels and can be used to intimidate weak employees.

This cutting edge paper towel holder is a must-have for every household chef with a sharp sense of humor. Its solid wood base is big enough to hold a large roll of paper towels and the blunt chef’s knife holder will take the dull right out of your kitchen.

A Killer Addition to Your Kitchen

Odds are this amazing creation has graced the kitchens of all the greatest angry chefs of the world, and it can be in yours too. The Knife Paper Towel Holder will keep your towels in perfect order and if anyone tries to grab one without your permission, they better be watching their digits pretty closely. 

Specs and Stuff

- Features realistic looking kitchen knife in faux cutting board

- Fits standard paper towel rolls

- Cutting edge kitchen accessory

- Perfect for kitchens belonging to psychos, butchers, angry chefs and really awesome people

- Measures approximately 14" tall with a base diameter of 6"

Who Would Love a Knife Paper Towel Holder?

Anyone who loves to cook, but doesn’t like a lot of criticism, will adore this angry accessory. People will think twice about complaining about your food with one of these around. It’s perfect for the passive aggressive chef who doesn’t want to have to share their inner rage with annoying guests in his kitchen. One look and they’ll be on their best behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stab someone with this?

Not without breaking it, and we don’t recommend breaking or stabbing. The Knife Paper Towel Holder is strictly for intimidation purposes only. Actually stabbing someone with it is a major party foul, not to mention you’ll ruin this amazing kitchen tool.

Does it fit most paper towel brands?

Yes, unless you have some weird alien paper towels you got from NASA or homemade ones from the weird hippie guy down the street, it should be fine. Those tubes are pretty standardized because people like the idea of things actually fitting.

We’re all about five decisions away from being on an episode of “Snapped,” and now it’s easy to let the world know with the Knife Paper Towel Holder. We love this, because after a long day we all have an inner Norman Bates, and expressing that streak of insanity is way safer in the kitchen than the shower. 


Why We Love It

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