Abe Lincoln Log Lavatory Mist

Abe Lincoln Log Lavatory Mist

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After a long day of decapitating vampires, Abe Lincoln came home and dropped the kids off at the pool, smelling up his log cabin. Honest Abe Lincoln Log Lavatory Mist was his way of eliminating the stinky scent all the way to the hallowed halls of the White House.

The mist is scented with natural eucalyptus and thyme and is infused with essential oils to make even the nastiest logs smell fresh and clean. If Honest Abe used it, then the American thing to do is use Abe Lincoln Log Lavatory Mist after you doo.

Every spritz will be a celebration of the president who abolished slavery, vampires and bad bathroom odors.

Add Freshness to Your Lincoln Log

After a long day of chopping wood, young Honest Abe would go home and have himself a nice constitutional…i.e. go poo. The smell was enough to make the walls of his cabin begin to warp, so he crafted Abe’s Lincoln Log Lavatory Mist. It’s enough to take on the foulest odors, so you don’t have to worry about smelling up the White House, outhouse or your house.


Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- Knocks out unpleasant poo stench with a fine mist

- Natural thyme and eucalyptus scent.

- For logs of all varieties – from sloppy to corny

- Made in the USA

- 5.3 fl. oz./156 ml


Who Would Love Abe Lincoln’s Log Lavatory Mist?

Do you like the smell of poo? Yeah, nobody does, so everyone will love Abe Lincoln’s Log Lavatory Mist. If you know anyone who has particularly putrid post bathroom odor, then slip this into his pocket and give his bum a Presidential pardon. Lincoln freed the slaves and now he can free your home of gag-inducing restroom aromas.


Frequently Asked Questions

Did Abe Lincoln Really Use This?

What do you think he did back in the day, hang up a bunch of pine cones? While we cannot verify one way or other that Lincoln actually used the spray, it has a pretty convincing picture on the cover. If I was one of the greatest leaders of the country, I’d certainly use it, so why wouldn’t he?

What Does It Smell Like?

Ah, the fresh smell of the outdoors will permeate through your home. It’s got natural thyme and eucalyptus fragrance, which have proven to be some of Lincoln’s favorites…we’re guessing.

Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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