4 Fake Lottery Tickets

4 Fake Lottery Tickets

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We recommend mixing one fake lottery ticket with one real one! The reactions to these puppies are absolutely hilarious. Every ticket looks authentic on the front and back. Be prepared for screaming and hollering when the victim shouts uncontrollably that they won $10,000, $20,000 , or even $50,000. Sure its a little bit of a mean gag gift, but you need to think of it as a really funny prank!

Watch as this guy thinks he wins $10,000 when his buddies just gave him a fake lottery ticket instead!

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  • Natasha . May 16, 2011
    This is a hilarious prank as long as the person you give it to can't do too much damage to your face. I gave my friends one each and watched as they all flipped out!!! I loved it but didn't get talked to for a week. But totally worth it!!!
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